Active as a brand, providing products to the professional cultural and creative industry?

Stay close to your dedicated community.

Share product/technical information and promote your brand with leads in the industry!

Discover the active Community

Stay in touch with product users and get their feedback instantly.

Increase the visibility of your products through targeted communication in a professional and dedicated community.

Access a unique community of thousands of professionals, active in the field, able to give you feedback on your products.

Some Crews also buy equipment.

Get in touch with them and present dedicated proposals.


Some training providers certify Crews for the use of your product(s).

Offer visibility regarding these certifications in order to guarantee the mastery of your product(s) towards companies.

Our platform helps to get closer to your end users and fans.

Discover all the jobs stories where your products are mentionned. Take advantage of this visibility generated by the community.

Announce your latest product updates and/or features through our dedicated feed.

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