Olivier Merckx SOC, AFCS

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Olivier Merckx SOC, AFCS

Cinema is more than a job , it's my life

  • 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium


Skills Profile

  • Sectors
    • Film
    • TV & Media
  • Roles
    • Cameraman
    • Steadicam Operator
  • Driving Licenses
    • B


  • Français
  • English


After graduating from Film School, Olivier Merckx was invited by Nicola Pecorini to join him and Garret Brown on a Steadicam workshop in Italy.
Going there was the “best decision of his life” as he recalls, and was the beginning of his successful professional career as camera and Steadicam operator.
He made his way up from small films , commercials and music videos to big international feature films and had the chance to collaborate with many award winning directors and cinematographers around the world.
Working on projects like Brad Anderson’s Beirut or the the TV series Versailles was a dream come true for Olivier who is always looking for a new challenge.
He also handled many projects as second unit cinematographer and took the director’s seat a few times.
From the acclaimed Ethiopian movie Lamb to the last adaption of War of the worlds, his long list of credits in every genre of productions is impressive .
He is an active member of the SOC one of the founders of the French Steadicam Association.

Trainings / Certifications


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