Olivier Auverlau (S.B.C)

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Olivier Auverlau (S.B.C)

Images are my life

  • 4000 Liège, Belgique

Profil de compétences

  • Secteurs
    • Cinéma
  • Métiers
    • Caméraman / Cadreur(euse)
    • Directeur(trice) De La Photographie
    • Chef(fe) Opérateur
  • Matériels
    • Aaton Digital
    • Arri
    • Sony F55
    • Arri Amira
    • Arri Alexa Mini
    • Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K G2
    • RED Ranger
  • Logiciels
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Final Cut
  • Permis de conduire
    • B


  • Français
  • Español
  • English


from S.B.C members Page : born in Belgium in 1969. He first started in the end of 80's as a fashion photographer working for magazines like Elle, Marie-Claire or Cosmopolitan. In 1991 he graduated from INSAS as a cinematographer. Living in Ecuador since 1992, he spend most of his career as director of photography in South America, shooting several feature films such as “Gafas amarillas” and “Sin Otoño “ by Ivan Mora . “Between Marx and a Naked women” by camilo Luzuriaga among others.Severals feature length documentaries “Yo Isabel” ,"Encuentros", “Cuba, the Value of utopia” , “De cuando la muerte” by Y. Guayasamin, among others. Besides working as a camera Operator on the Hollywood film “Proof of life” from Oscar winner director Taylor Hackford and many short films, musicals etc … and more than 300 advertising spots as a director of photography. Since 1995 he also produced some documentaries, one of them was included in the IDFA 20 best films list compiled for the festival’s 20th anniversary . Always interested in the research and recreation of old processes, handcrank cameras , work with analogue techniques too , all film formats , and unconventional lighting systems, he builds cameras, pinhole systems ,and collects hundreds of atypical lenses and film cameras . In the analogue era , he developed his own 4K to 35mm frame by frame film transfer machine operating 9 times faster than regular available ones. In 2015 together with his wife and film director Yanara Guayasamin, they created an “workshop residence house ” to teach cinematography , in the mountains of Ecuador . Currently he lives between Belgium and South America .

Formations / Certifications


Analog and digital cinema


10/1992 - 05/2020


I work all analog Format , Super8, 16mm, Super 16mm , 35mm and still photography inclued Old and Big formats . From 35mm untill 20X25cm plate cameras as photographer too ... specialized in stanges formats and experimental lenses and cameras . I give workshops too and take students to teach them during shootings . i give photography masterclass too in old formats .

Director of photography , cinematographer for 30years (cinema fiction and documentaries ) , Advertising, Clips,

cinematographer , director of photography .

03/1990 - 05/2020


for almost 30 years , working like cinematographer in film industry and advertising like director of photography in Ecuador , Paraguay and Uruguay . I move to south america when finished INSAS , and work like cinematographer all thoses years untill 2020 when i come back to Belgium .


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